True Friendship

There are so many great friends in life, let me tell you something about friendship.

I will first start with my closest friend, my first friend in life "My Dad".

When I start living with my dad I start realizing what true friendship means, he always treats me like his best friend, I start living with him when I was in Class(iv).

True friendship is from the heart how much you care about someone, how painful it is when you see your best friend cry, how you sacrificed for one another, watch one another's back, you should be one another's secret keeper, no disrespect to one another in public.

My dad never disgraces me in public, never shout at me in public, he knows everything about me, even things I don't know about myself.

He always wants the best for me, he flogs me just for me to know that what I am doing is bad and if I continue it will lead me in the wrong direction, most times he flogs me with the word of God, he hates seeing me go sad.

Since I start living with him, he was the one who always washes my cloth until the time I ask him to stop, even my friends keep calling me " dad's boy hahaha".

I am saying all this not because is my dad, because he treated me as his best friend in life, that is how it should be between parents and child.

What I am trying to say is that the parent should not give everything to a child just because they ask 4 it, remember the bible said you should train up a child in the way he should grow so when he grew old he will not depart from it.

It doesn't mean the people who you choose as best friend should be the ones in your community, church, country or have the same faith.

Let me tell you about a friend who we met ten(10) years ago in my country Sierra Leone, Freetown city.

His name is Sam. We met in the year 2010 at "Abigail D Butcher S.D.A Primary School Zion Kola Tree", when I was a teacher at that school, he came with his friends all the way from "United State of America" to help fixed solar.

In helping with electricity for everyone in the school, within a short time we became brothers, I sometimes help them with there work, we sometimes go for work, eat together, oh I remember how he enjoys one of our local food call "cassava leaves hahaha".

And get used to each other day by day, but unfortunately, he came for less than two (2) weeks, but our friendship didn't end after he left.

He told his mom about his new brother, not even a friend, and the food too hahaha".

I also talk to my new mom " he never addresses me as a friend, but before he left for the state he wants to live me with something nice that I will always remember him, but by then he was just a student, he was not financially strong, so he figures out something and means me lives with nice, strong Phillips headphone and mp3, that was great, for just a short time he knows what I like so much.

I too wanted to give him something but by then I was not receiving salary "laugh out loud" I was just a volunteer, he never complains or compare about anything, all he knows we are brother's, we're always there for each other, supporting each other's faith in everything, pray for each other always.

There is a saying by one Jamaica reggae Singer "No man is an island, no man stands alone" get this from me "if you want to see trees you first plant the seeds from there you get trees and fruits". Which means if your friend is going down you need to help each other, the water your friend until it turns to the tree and bear fruit.

This is telling us that true friendship comprises of honesty, courage, Faith love and trust etc. Don't go into friendship with someone for a particular purpose.

Let me explain it in a better way, for example, if you meet someone in the club or bar for the first time in life, you guys became friends through drinking, having fun, it continues for a period of time until the day one is financially broke or he decides not to drink alcohol anymore.

You may want to know why! Four (4) years ago I use to drink alcohol, party with a friend, go to a club or bar with them. When I decide not to drink alcohol any more things change between us, no more regular calls, no more frequent chat.

Our ways of doing things are not the same anymore, but if I decided to drink alcohol again we're going to be ok again "hahaha" but again if you don't lose some friend over time you will not grow life, because natural part of growing you most lose some friends.

All that has expiring date trust learn to watch one and others back, don't wait until it gets worst before you help, keep one another secret.

God bless all real friends......