Today I am going to talk about a very important topic which is very hard to control when it reaches a particular pick or point in life when stress develop properly it causes a heart attack. Stress forces your heart to work harder also increase your blood pressure.

Some many people die out of stress just become they can't overcome it, I call stress slow poison, it kills slowly, it really important to be taking care of as soon as it started. There are so many ways how people get affected through stress.

Some get affected through love relationship, family issues, job issues, friends, financial problem, travel disappointment, the death of someone etc. All is not lost, as long as there is life there is hope, don't ever give up in life.

Let me tell you about a story, this story I am telling you to happen to my family during the war and after the war in Sierra Leone, how life was very hard for us with so much suffering.

My dad was banking with one Nigeria bank, I don't know the name I was a boy by then and my mom was keeping her own money at home, my mom was a very big businesswoman, very hard working, she believes in hard work.

But when the rebel enters the city they burn down house nothing left with us, not even a single cent, my mom got frustrated, developed stress, can't concentrate anymore, she thinks everything is over, all she was thinking how to start over again, the level her business is at that time.

After the war, my dad tried to reach the bank,

he was banking with before the war, fortunately, the bank was close, tried to make some enquiries about the bank, he finally had that the owner of the bank ran away with their money, what shocking news to the family, dad was stress too, but he was able to overcome stress because he like reading the bible.

Reading is my father's hobby, whereas my mommy can't control it, that keep affecting her day by day. I am not just making stories, I am saying all this for people to know the reality of my inspirational write-up.

Whenever you think something is worrying you try to do the thing you love best, some people like meeting with a friend, some like like playing with kids, some like football, some movie etc.

Try to always stay calm and avoid stress, it makes you not to think properly, love the life you live and live the life you love, cut your coat according to your size, don't try to put your hand where it can't reach.