What makes people successful and also make people become a failure in life. So many times people who lack it became a failure, it really hard to become a success if you don't have that in you. "The reason is that a true leader trusts themselves"

If someone lack courage or trust in himself is hard for him to achieve greatness, because in life if you want someone to trust you first you need to trust yourself if you want someone to be honest with you first be honest with yourself.

True life story happens years back, this story I am about to tell you today is a very touching one, I cried every time I remember what happens back then when life was very rough for us, the situation was bad for us, hope was less but there was one person who teaches me how to be courageous if I want to achieve greatness.

You see when I was a little boy my elder bro who is the first child to our parent promote to senior secondary school/Senior high school, but unfortunately, our parent can't afford the fees completely not talking about the transportation, the distance is about three to four miles he needed to cover five days a week

Our parents tried some many ways but they can't afford the fees, especially the transportation was the real problem, but God so good father contact a friend living a bit closer to the school, ask him for help so that his son can live with him until he reaches his sixth form, the man accepts everyone was happy thinking our bother is going to have a better life and get a quality education.

Finally, my brother moves over for him to start schooling again, after some time we find out that our brother is going through difficulties, brother has to sell cake after school, he won't get food until the cake finish if a single cent is missing he'll go to bed hungry.

He came home one day and explain the pain he is going through, everyone was just crying, our uncle's wife was so wicked that he didn't what to see my brother, after all his explanation our parents courage him and tell him to be strong as the first child he needs to be a man.

So mother comes up with an idea since brother is selling cake I should sell paper too so that whatever little money he mistaken loss from his own business for the day should be replaced by my own business, we start doing it every day.

The most touching part of this story is that my brother took me home where he lived when we reach we met the woman I greet her, she did not say a word the same for my brother when he says hello to her, that didn't border me, we went to a corner a sit, came with his food so I can eat since the day was very rough, guess what, the food is so small that I felt discouraged to eat, I start shading tears.

He told me one thing I will never forget in life, he said Bai if you want to achieve greatness you need to have two things in life, he said you need to have patience and courage then you'll become a winner in life, we share tears together and huge each. He asks me to make a promise never to tell papa and mama about what happens on that day, I made a promise not to tell anyone about this, he creates some jokes for the little boy to forget about what happened on that day, we laugh about it and move on, today he is a man I am proud to call him my elder brother, he is my mentor.

In life you should learn how to control your emotions, try and fail is not a disgrace, just try one day you will achieve greatness, don't let your problems kill your dreams, manage to overcome it.

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