Mother's are adorable people

Today I am going to talk about the importance of a mother, want every child should know, how mothers are so special to them, how to love and care for them, the pain they went through for them, the risk they make just to see their child succeed in life, how much they sacrificed and love their child.

I want to ask a question before I start if you ask between your wife and your mother who do love the most, who do you care for the most, who do you believe the most.

For instance, I remember one of our "Sierra Leonean" brother, he is one of the oldest musicians in Sierra Leone, his name is "Steddy bongo". He once said in one of his songs if your mom and your wife enter into a boat and unfortunately, the boat drew and you have the opportunity to save one person who will u save.

There ways so such comments in the country when that song was realised by then, some say their mother's because she is the most special woman on earth, she I'll never live or forsake them even in their toughest time, but the women can live for just a little thing without no regret, even if they live, you can replace them with someone else, but you can never replace the love of a mother and she can never love you like your mom.

Whereas some said they're going to save the wife's because they want to start up there own family, some said they want to continue with the wife, continue making babies " hahaha", some said mother already makes their family with their father's, so they too want to make there own family, even if she is bad, that is how his father patient with his mother, he too will patient with his wife *hahaha "

For me I support the motion of saving my mom because the love I have for my mom is beyond imagination, she first loves me, she suffers a lot just because she wants the best for us, she suffers from my pregnancy for nine months, she should have aborted my pregnancy, but she decides to keep it, breastfeed me for six months without milk, help me to work, she is my first teacher.

She teaches me so many things, like how to be friendly with people, how to respect people big or small, how to care for someone, she was there for me all through my hardest time, I always take advantage of anything I want from her, she would provide it because she is my mom, and she always provides it for me because she wants me to be happy always.

I remember the eleven (11) years war in Sierra Leone, by I was just a little boy, my mom uses to carry me on her back whenever we had that the rebel is coming towards our end.

My mom lost everything when the rebel burnt our house, she almost runs made when she saw the house burnt down without removing nothing in the house.

After the war, we lost everything, my dad lost his job too, mom is the only one who goes out, work very hard just to put food on the table and send us back to school.

But today she is nowhere to be found and enjoy the root of her labour, I never realise how painful life is until the time I lost my precious diamond "My Mom" that is the time I felt how better life is.

Ever since that moment motherly love end at once, I start missing her every day even now.

So appreciate her for anything she did for you know matter how little that thing is because you know why.

Whatever thing mother did for a child she's doing it with love, appreciate them when they're alive don't wait when they're dead you go for the most expensive casket or make the most expensive burial.

God bless mothers