Job values

You see today a lot of people become devastated because they lose the job, it really frustrating especially for those that have extended family to take care off. Some, all the family members hope and trust is upon them when a thing like that happen it affect some people, even some who is not an immediate family member suffer the same pain one way and the other.

It's stressful after years strongly with education and finally, you graduated from university hoping to get a very good job, that will help change your life and the life of your family members, unfortunately, that didn't happen as you wish, family, friends another people looking up to you now as helping stone, there comes the toughest time in your life.

Some might be lucky just after graduations got a job, but didn't not able to cope with the work, because of that they lose their job, some of the reason is that some because of the wicked boss, laziness, salary problem, time of work, distance, stealing, some they resigned, etc.

Years back I came to know a guy who we come, friend, we start visiting each other frequently, we became close friends, he was already a graduate, but every time we meet he is crying for a job and I keep telling he that don't worry God will make away for you at the end he will say amen.

Every morning before he lives the house going to look for a job he will give me call and said man am going out to search for a job again today, I always wish him good luck and pray with him, at the end he'll say thanks, man I really appreciate you, we both laugh and make some jokes about it, in the evening we meet at our usual place.

We keep on doing that day after day, one day he came home happy and call me over to meet him at our usual place, I live and go their straight off, from a far distance I saw him smiling, laughing, he was so happy, I started smiling too even do, I know nothing about what is going on "hahaha" so funny.

He said to me do you know why I am happy I said no, he said guess I said I'm not good in that, he finally told me that he is going for a job interview by God's grace he is going to start work soon, I was so happy for him, we keep on praying.

A few days later after the job interview, he received a phone call that he should go and received his acceptance later, that was his happiest moment for a very long time, that day we went out to celebrate the good news.

One month later he started complaining about the job, he started late for work, start giving some comments about the job, and he said he wants to resign from the job, I keep reminding him how difficult it's to secure a job, all he was complaining about is that his salary not enough, the job is too much for the type of salary he works for, know the time to rest.

You see he was the one seeking for a job badly after he secured one he starts relaxing, because of his way of behaving he was suspended from work for two weeks, become he didn't value his job, but the two weeks sitting at home teach him some serious lesson after he resumes he became one of the best work.

Sometimes we want what others have but when we have them we don't value it, we think to become successful in life is magic, it all about hard work, secure what you have until you get what you want.

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