Don't let go of your dreams

You see the things we choose to do in life help us to be great or make us fall, the life we choose is going to make us who we want to be.

Sometimes people see us as nothing just because of what we believe when someone says negative this about you don't take them for granted, take them like a spirit of motivation to reach your goal.

But the most important thing is that you need to change the mindset of that person, you need to make the person believe in your visions, multiple the speed of your footsteps when someone says native this about

A rich guy was ones told by his father that he is not going to be able to build a mansion if he keeps focusing on football but he never relents, he keeps working very hard and now he has achieved everything he ever wants in existence.

But the saddest part of it is that his father did not live to see the success of his son, in life if you can't help someone achieved his goal don't discourage the person, because you can't tell what the future holds, no one can tell the future of anyone.

The choice you make leads to greatness or leads you to your downfall, but the earlier you think about how to become successful the better for you, don't wait for success to come tomorrow, start working on it immediately.

There is a saying if you cant not stay with me during my forcefully time don't expect to be with me during the victorious moment.

You see in existence some people don't want to go through a hard time with you because they think you can't live to achieve greatness, most time relationship breaks because one gives up on the other of seeing the person ask a failure or because of the background of the individual is not financially strong.

Live to your choice and make progress in life, if someone doubts you smile and works away, take that to be a guide to accomplish your dream, one aspect I come to learn is that being successful "the first step is the hardest to start with as you go along you get used to it, never you back down for any tries to come your way, a lot of tries coming your way before you reach your goal.

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God bless you all.