Don't judge people by there appearance.

You see today is unpredictable a lot of time we keep saying things about people we don't even know them, seeing people for the first is not enough to know much about that person, sometimes we even take advantage about their looks, we even gossip about their private life.

You see one day a pastor has a preaching assignment so he decided to go in a different way he thought of something that will make people never to recognise him, came up with a better idea and went for his preaching assignment.

He was the first person to reach there but he did not enter the church he sat outside an pretend to be a bagger, everyone was just passing by saying some bad things about him, some even spite because of the way he smells no one wants to talk to him or give him money because of how he looks.

He stays there in the last person enter the church, time for the preacher man to deliver the message to his people he was nowhere to be found, everyone gets confused, questions start coming up, this is the first time to visit the church no one knows him, people want to see him, they are anxious to listen to his message.

After some time he finally entire the church everyone was just looking at him when entering the church and said what is this madman doing inside our church look how dirty he is hmmm, such much doubts about him some says good things about him.

He went straight up to the pulpit and take up the mic and start talking first by in introducing himself as the pastor everyone was waiting for to tell the good news everyone was shocked, he removes his dress no one seems to believe it, so can't bear they start crying and confess their sin to God at ones.

The pastor starts his preaching by advising people not to be decisive by the appearance of someone what if Christ was the one dress like that everyone should have failed the test, he continues to say everyone was expecting to have a thousand a dollar suit, millions dollar car and security to enter the Church that was not necessary.

See what the bible says about judging people on their appearance 1 Samuel 16:7

But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart".

You see today a lot of us judge people by the code of dress, there is a saying don't judge a book by its cover, the coat is not mattered but the man in the coat, don't fall for the suit fall for the work of the person, your eyes can not tell the look of something until u get close to it.

If you want to no more about someone goes closer to the person by doing that you will no, stop assuming it sometimes lead you to the wrong direction.

I hope after reading this you will learn a good lesson.

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God bless you

Have a wonderful weekend.